Our Menu

Though we all lay focus on the surroundings and the appearance of the place that we are visiting to enjoy some food, but such things are secondary. The primary thing is the menu of the eatery and the cuisines on it. If the food is delectable, the service and other factors can be overlooked. But you will receive all the facets of the first water only at Luscious Thai, with the prominent position conferred on the menu. We believe if a restaurant lacks to satiate the craving of its guests for finger licking food, then it is the biggest setback for it. Luscious Thai is the name you get to hear when you ask for the best Thai food Upper East Side in New York City. Our menu boasts the best Thai food NYC that includes cuisines for every sort of individual whether they are fond of eating organic, meat oriented dishes, or sea food. These ingredients are served with or in appetizers, soups, salad, noodle, fried rice, and curry. Sea food comes with dishes prepared from fish such as Salmon.

Special dishes are also and always available on our menu that are the creation of the culinary skills of the chefs. Among the desserts, the guests get to treat their sweet tooth with dishes including mango sweet rice and the category of beverages repletes with several soothing drinks such as Thai ice tea, Thai ice coffee, juices, and soda. If you are a resident of NYC, and search for “The best Thai food near me” on the internet, you will find Luscious Thai among the most visited and trusted name. We are the first choice of Thai food fans whether they are out for a casual dining or a special occasion. We work perpetually and diligently to serve our guests with only the best Thai food.